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Super Lice Are Alive and Well in Cincinnati.1

Super lice occur at a rate of nearly 100% across 48 states.
This map shows the number of new cases reported over the last 30 days* in the Cincinnati area.2

*As of August 31, 2020

Most over-the-counter products no longer work.

Products containing permethrin 1%, such as Nix® Crème Rinse and CVS Lice Lotion, and pyrethrins, including Rid® Shampoo and store brands like CVS, Walgreens, Equate™, and Kroger, are no longer reliable.1 See for yourself.

Calling Your Doctor Is the Best Solution.

Confirm your head lice infestation. Then ask your healthcare provider about an FDA-approved prescription medicine that’s safe and effective, with a 10-minute application—and prescribed by 3 out of 5 pediatricians.2

In an age of resistance, this Rx is the no-nonsense way to kill head lice—starting today!

Nix® is a registered trademark of Prestige Consumer Healthcare, Inc.
RID® is a registered trademark of Bayer HealthCare Consumer Care
Equate™ is a registered trademark of Walmart
Kroger® is a registered trademark of The Kroger Co.
CVSHealth® is a registered trademark of CVSHealth
Walgreens® is a registered trademark of Walgreens Co.


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