Eliminating human parasites for good

It’s an audacious mission—bringing innovative therapies to market that address the personal and public health concerns caused by infestations such as head lice and scabies in an age of widespread resistance that leads to treatment failure.4
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A naturally superior MOA

Discover why spinosad, our active compound, is one of nature’s perfect anti-parasitic agents with no known resistance issues.1 Read more

A proven therapy in Natroba™ (spinosad) Topical Suspension 0.9%

Our uniquely targeted topical treatment for head lice is the most often prescribed Rx medication in the category. 2,3
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A commitment to families like ours

At ParaPRO, we focus on addressing infestations that are damaging to the well-being of families and disruptive to the flow of Pediatric and Family practices. Read more

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